I'm Nicole.
I think tattoos and piercings are the epitome of attractiveness.
I'm addicted to tea. I love gore, candles and pretty things.
Fashion blogger at voguemondays.blogspot.co.uk.


no offense to the boring music fandom but i’d rather eat my own legs than listen to the 1975


Cold brew coffee, milk, cream, raw turbinado sugar and ice.

World’s cutest kitten promoted to Queen of the Clovers


ugh this is one of my favorite photos i really dont want to sound pretentious or corny but wowshe just looks SO beautiful and lost in thought and his hand is soft and kind and she looks comfortable and sleepy and content and i can never scroll past this



I never listen to Nicki Minaj music until I saw her latest video today and I feel sick. Not because of all the butts ( i love butts ) but because of her lyrics. Fuck skinny bitches? Now I’m not familiar with her work or what she stands for but I have always had the impression that she represented…